Confidentiality Statement

observes the strictest levels of confidentiality. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of our certified companies and respect the propriety nature of manufacturers’ confidential information and trade secrets.

It is natural that you may have concerns about sharing your secret processes and confidential procedures regarding products produced at your production facility with .

OM’s reputation for integrity and the willingness of thousands of companies to allow us access to this information should further reassure you that we will not violate your trust. Please be assured that all of the information you provide us with will be held in the strictest confidence. In fact, our promise of confidentiality is clearly stated in all of our certification agreements.

requires the disclosure of some proprietary information because the kosher certification process insists that we are aware of all the ingredients, all the equipment, and all of the processes used in the production facility that we certify as kosher.

If you have any questions regarding confidentiality please do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

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