Plant name:
  1. List all raw materials in the facility (including release agents, processing aids, antifoams etc.) even if not intended for kosher use.
  2. Identify with an asterisk (*) any ingredients intended for use exclusively in products that you do not wish to certify.
  3. Submit a Letter of Kosher certification and clearly identify the exact ingredient being used. If you submit via fax, do not highlight. Where no Letter of Certification is available, supply a process flow diagram. Both the ingredient name and source name must match the Letter of Certification.

RMC#: List the raw material code, if any, that plant uses internally.
INGREDIENT NAME: Give the name exactly as it appears on the label. Include all flavor and product code numbers
SOURCE: Give the manufacturing source exactly as it appears on label. Do not list distributor or broker unless it appears on label. Include all Plant #’s/CZ #’s or other regulatory, plant mfg. Codes, where applicable
BRAND NAME: List Brand Name exactly as it appears on the label.
BULK: Indicate if ingredient is received in tankers, rail cars, trailers or containers that are not normally refilled.
CERTIFYING AGENCY: Indicate the Kosher certifying agency that certifies this ingredient.